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With 70+ properties in markets from hawaii to florida, wpg is home to established brands and local favorites — positioning them to grow, thrive and expand in compelling markets across the country.

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Your Partner for Growth

wpg has a variety of property types in many compelling markets that attract a significant consumer audience — positioning you for success, easy expansion, and growth.

Experienced Team

wpg understands what it means to be a partner. Enabling our retailers to be successful is at the forefront of how we approach each opportunity — and we have the right people and processes in place to make success happen.

Customizable Leasing and Marketing Opportunities

wpg has multiple leasing options to fit a wide range of growth goals and budgets — as well as promotional opportunities to fuel business growth and reach.

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499,100 trade area
1,050,050 total square feet
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267,900 trade area
301,440 total square feet
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671,900 trade area
239,510 total square feet
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363,200 trade area
433,560 total square feet
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297,600 trade area
209,010 total square feet
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