Short-Term Leasing.
Long-Term Benefits.

Short-term leases with wpg offer a number of flexible opportunities to get your brand in market – FAST.

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Your Partner for Growth

With over 3,000 small businesses in our portfolio, we understand what it takes to thrive as a small business.

The Right Term for Your Business

Our Short-Term Leasing specialists partner with retailers who are looking to lease space for 35 months or less.

Custom-Designed Solutions

We work with retailers to create flexible, short-term leases that allow small businesses to expand their reach, increase their sales and do business alongside national retailers.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Our short-term leasing options include: carts, kiosks, inline spaces, makers markets, pop-ups, parking lot opportunities and more!

Type of Short-Term
Leases Available

The Ultimate in Flexibility and Visibility


Due to their flexibility and high visibility, carts are an excellent option for short-term leasing. These units provide a turn-key solution and include a variety of fixtures to best sell your product. Carts are often a “first step” for those looking into a mall location. Carts give retailers a chance to connect with customers, grow sales, and gain brand awareness. Get Started

Customize to Your Heart’s Content


The ultimate short-term option, kiosks offer smaller retailers flexible leasing terms and can be customized to provide a unique shopping experience. Kiosks are also great for online retailers looking to provide an omnichannel experience or larger brands wanting to create a more intimate, one-on-one connection with customers while showcasing new products. Either way, a kiosk provides a chance to adapt to new markets, pivot easily and grow rapidly. Get Started

Move-In Ready Spaces for Growing Retailers


In-line spaces are perfect for retailers looking to test a more traditional storefront option but aren’t ready to sign a long-term lease. In-line spaces are turnkey and ready for move-in without the high cost of a traditional build-out or remodel. This provides flexibility to incubate a new business or expand an existing one while testing different brand concepts. Get Started

Energize Your Brand With a Hot New Concept


Pop-Ups are a growing trend, especially for new businesses and seasonal operators. When you only need a physical storefront for a handful of weeks or months, pop-up shops are a perfect option. In our digital-first world, pop-ups can solve a lot of retail challenges. Get Started

Think Outside the Box

Creative Short-Term Opportunities

wpg offers a number of creative options that give retailers an opportunity to “dip a toe in the water” at one of our local properties — like food trucks, weekend events, local carnivals, seasonal events, holiday gatherings, parking lot takeovers, makers markets and more. Get Started

Connect With Your Local Community

Maker’s Markets

The sounds, the smells, and people-watching of a local market provide a unique space for retailers to connect with their community. wpg’s community-based Maker’s Markets are a perfect place to showcase new products, test seasonal goods, and meet other entrepreneurs, and establish relationships with local buyers. Get Started

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