wpg focuses on resources to reduce stress during mental health awareness month

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, wpg’s Inclusion and Engagement Committee offered resources and opportunities to help colleagues reduce stress.  

On Mental Health Action Day (May 16), Josh Steckel, a personal trainer and massage therapist who is trained and certified in breathwork, led a workshop where colleagues learned about and practiced 4-7-8 breathing.     

The Inclusion and Engagement Committee also shared information on three proven techniques to reduce stress: grounding, cold plunge, and breathing exercises.   

For the third year in a row, wpg encouraged colleagues to take time for themselves by offering a paid floating Mental Health Day Off to be used in May.  

Recognizing the importance of mental wellbeing and self-care, colleagues throughout wpg spent their Mental Health Day Off in a number of ways, from spending time with family at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and an early Mother’s Day celebration to dedicating time to personal hobbies and beyond. See how some colleagues used their day off below. 

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