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location is everything

location is everything

Southgate Mall is situated in the geographical center of Missoula, Montana. The mall serves a large portion of western Montana, with the next closest mall over three hours away in Spokane, Washington. Missoula lies at the crossroads of Interstate 90 and U.S. Highway 93—just minutes from downtown and the University of Montana. The city’s international airport is serviced by some of the nation’s leading carriers, as it is about 200 miles from Bozeman, Montana. The beautiful area of western Montana and eastern Idaho prompts frequent travelers, including those en route to Glacier National Park. Prominent tourist activities include fly fishing, vacationing to dude ranches, whitewater rafting, and more.



trade area size


total square feet


total annual visits

7.2 avg. visits

per guest each year

75 minutes

average dwell time


median age

The city of Missoula serves as a hub for western Montana and much of eastern Idaho. Its economy is heavily impacted by professional, technical, and financial services, retail trade, hospitality, and health care—all of which replaced the previous resource-based economy. Additionally, employers with a strong entrepreneurial component comprise the business community. Just three miles away from the property, the University of Montana has a student population of approximately 11,000, providing a strong base of mid-wage jobs and secondary service jobs. A major artistic and cultural point, Missoula offers a variety of employment opportunities in recreational and outdoor activities. Both citizens and tourists enjoy the scenery and beauty of the city’s surroundings, engaging in various outdoor activities. The market value of single-family homes in the Missoula area is increasing at a consistent rate, with prices higher than other parts of Montana as well as the national average.

comparison map – drive time vs traffic volume
trade area map – visitor density
* data provided by


10 mile 104,300
50 mile 188,500
100 mile 424,000


10 mile 44,500
50 mile 79,000
100 mile 178,400


10 mile $87.6k
50 mile $87.8k
100 mile $87.1k
* forward-looking projection, data provided by Claritas

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